Who, what, why?

"Who are you?"

"Hi..... I'm Martin. I am the owner and founder of Wood & Duck."

"...and what do you do at Wood & Duck?"

"we design and make furniture basically.... all kinds of furniture. It's got to made out of solid wood though, and of wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.... we also use reclaimed timbers too".

"oh so you don't use engineered products like MDF or chipboard in your furniture"

"no, you just don't get the look, feel and charm with engineered materials that you get from wood. The knots, splits, milling marks and even it's history are all things that give real wood the edge. There's so much more warmth and character in solid wood......"

"makes sense! So what else would you say is important to you as a business"

"well, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. we use recycled packaging on all of our products which are also recyclable in most cases. We also plant a tree with every piece of furniture sold at One Tree Planted".

"that's great.... so why do you do this?"

"because...... we love it!"

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